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For over forty years, Romolo's Restaurant has proudly been serving authentic Italian-American recipes at its historic location on St. Paul's Eastside.

Today, Romolo's and its dedicated cooks, pizza makers, servers, and staff continue to serve only the finest old-time recipes first established by the legendary restaurateur, Romolo Mondo, and most recently revitalized by the amazing Fred "Mr. Meatball" Richie.

Romolo's recently fully refurbished restaurant is the place to enjoy incredible pizza, pasta dishes including spaghetti, mostaciolli, and lasagna, and fine Italian sandwiches like hot dagos, Italian beef, or Romolo's famous meatball sandwich. Many of Romolo's specialties are prepared fresh every day.

For those not wishing to enjoy fine Italian cuisine, American fare like broasted chicken, wings, burgers, and other items are also served.

Of course, Romolo's also offers take-out, delivery, and catering options from its robustly delicious menu.

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